Wild Mushroom Supply Privacy Policy

Wild Mushroom Supply Privacy Policy


Wild Mushroom Supply highly sensitive to the privacy
interests of our consumers and believes that the protection of those
interests is one of our most significant responsibilities. In
acknowledgment of its obligations, Wild Mushroom Supply has
adopted the following Privacy Policy applicable to information about
consumers that it acquires in the course of its business:
1.    Acquisition of Information. We do not acquire any more
information about consumers than is required by law or is otherwise
necessary to provide a high level of service efficiently and
2.    Our Employees and Privacy. We train all of our employees about
the importance of privacy. We give access to information about
consumers only to those employees who require it to perform their
3.    Security Measures. We make access to privacy-sensitive
information subject to rigorous procedural and technological
controls, consistent with legal requirements and the demands of
customer service. 
4.    Disclosure to Third Parties. We will provide
individually-identifiable information about consumers to third
parties only if we are compelled to do so by order of a
duly-empowered governmental authority, we have the express permission
of the consumer, or it is necessary to process transactions and
provide our services. 
Questions. If you have questions about this privacy policy, please
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Wild mushroom picking of any kind should be done only under the supervision of an expert who is absolutely certain they have an edible mushroom. Some mushrooms are deadly poisonous and many poisonous mushrooms can be misidentified as edible mushrooms.




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