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We cannot take returns on edible items.





We are happy to serve our customers in Canada and most other countries around the world. Most orders under two pounds (.9kg) can be shipped by the United States Postal Service ( in an international Flat Rate Envelope for about $13.00us.

International Customers need to take extra care in knowing their country's import, customs, and other national laws as well as state, province, and local laws and rules. Due to the complexity of the laws and rules across many countries we cannot be responsible for complying with laws and rules outside the United States. It is the customer's responsibility to make sure items they are ordering are legal to import and complying with any other rules or regulations.


This means:

  • You possible could be required to pay taxes or tariffs on imported items

  • You possible could be required to comply with health codes and/or environmental laws regarding the import of edible items and/or plant material

  • Under certain circumstances, such as the value of the goods exceeds a certain limit, you may be required to obtain an import license from your countries customs agency

  • You possible could  be required to comply with other laws, rules, and regulation in your country

  • Please keep in mind that most of the spice we sell are not produced in the United States and we are required to disclose the original country of origin on customs forms

  • We are responsible for accurately filling out United States customs forms

  • We urge international customers to include a valid phone number and email address which may be included on a customs form allowing your country's customs agency to easily contact you if necessary


Canadian Customers:

You are responsible for complying with all laws in Canada and confirming the correctness of the information below which, is provided as a courtesy and is not guaranteed to be up-to-date.

Items Worth $20 or Less
. Any good valued at C$20 or less is exempt from duties and taxes. For goods worth more than C$20, you have to pay duties and taxes on the entire value.

Gifts Worth $60 or Less. A gift valued at C$60 or less is exempt from duties and taxes. For gifts worth more than C$60, you have to pay duties and taxes on the amount over the C$60 exemption.

 The customs declaration form should clearly identify the good as a gift and should include a gift card to avoid any misunderstanding.


International customers agree, by placing an order, they are responsible for complying with all laws and rules in their own countries. They also agree to all terms outlined above.


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  • In the United States Szechuan peppercorns were only recently re-approved for import after being banned because of fear a form of citrus canker not previous found in the United States might devastate crops of citrus fruits such as oranges and grape fruits. They now have to be heat treated before import to kill any citrus canker viruses.

  • Pink peppercorns can only be imported into Australia after they have been ground or the importer can otherwise prove the seeds have been made un-viable. This is to prevent the accidental introduction of an invasive plant species.





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